Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Philippine Porn - Filipina Porn Star Newby Nikka at Hot Manila Nights

Nikka is by far one of the hornier girls I've ever met in the Philippines.   She is a hot young 95 pound Pinay hottie with a sexual energy second to no one.   When you put a cock, any cock, near this horny Filipina Teen, she is all over it and wants it inside her pussy pronto.

Nikka is just one of the many girls we filmed at Hot Manila Nights.   She along with a majority of the rest of Filipina Girl we filmed were loving that hard 9 inch foreign cock.  Filipina babes like Nikka just know how to please a cock.

The scene to the left was shot in a downtown Manila hotel, just outside Ermita.   I met Nikka at a local bar called LA Cafe, now known as the Manila Bay Cafe.   She was the horniest of the three girls I took back to my room, and wanted the cock more than the other did.  

The truth about the story, is that I not only took the three girls from the bar, but I took them on vacation with me to Boracay.  There I would have my way with Nikka, and her friends Fate and Yvonny.  The girls would swap turns with me in bed, on my two weeks there.  Nikka one night, then Fate, and then Yvonny.  I fucked em all bare back and didn't hold back.  I came right inside all three.  I'm not sure if any got pregnant.  However, with the amount of sex we had, and the fact that I creampied them deep everytime I fucked everyone of the girls, I'm probably a daddy now.  It's a good thing I didn't give them my real name.  They think my name is John Holmes.  ha ha...

Filipina escorts like these three are a dime a dozen in the Philippines.  Finding pussy is ultra easy and very cheap.  Most of the time, the girls are just happy spending a night in a nice hotel room and having a guy to hang out with who will buy them food and perhaps some nice clothes.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Philippine Porn - Hot Manila Nights - Loving those Manila Teen Porn Videos

Hot Manila Nights is a brand new porn site featuring high definition Filipino Sex videos and pictures of Manila 1st Timers in hardcore porn scenes.  

These three beauties to the left are just a sampling of what you'll find inside Hot Manila Nights.   This scene happens to be a very erotic three on one fuck scene.  The lucky foreigner who fucked these three Filipina teens was loving every minute of this.   His cock split their tight young Filipina pussies wide open in during the fuck scene.

If you like Filipino Porn, then you'll love Hot Manila Nights.  There are well over 20 hardcore scenes inside the site, with high definition videos.   They take a while to download, but for the most part, they are well worth the time.   This is probably some of the best porn we've seen cum out of the Philippines in a while.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Philippine Porn - Filipino Sex Tour - Alicia - Angeles City Bargirl

Alicia gets picked up in a Trike during a fun afternoon in Angeles City.
Follow the exploits of the Filipino Sex Tour - brand new porn site.
The Filipino Sex Tour has arrived in the Philipipnes, and these guys are travelling from Angeles City to Surigao City to bring you the most exotic Filipina Porn videos and pictures on the internet.   Filmed entirely in the Philippines, Filipino Sex Tour features a couple English buddies travelling from town to town in search of Filipino Teens to fuck on camera.  They only want first timers as they love to see how these sexy brown bottomed bombshells will act in their first sex scene. 

Alicia above was picked up on the streets of Angeles City, Philippines.  Matter of fact, these guys claim that they grabbed her as she was coming out of a hotel room at about 1:00pm in the afternoon.   Fresh from fucking the night before, these guys hired the taxi driver to fuck her hard and long.   We recommend this sites, as a membership to this site will also get you access to six other sites.  

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Philippine Porn - Ho Ho Ho - Cherry Girl Celebrates Christmas Naked

IF you haven't stopped by her site, Cherry Girl is a sexy Filipino model with her own website.   This full figured Filipina teen has got a fantastic body, complete with a pair of outrageous young tits and a sexy full figure.  

Her website is filled up with lots of sexy filipina porn pictures, and lots of masterbation and dildo solo videos.   Solo sights can be a bust for most people who buy membership.  But for Cherry Girl's site, you get access to 9 other sites as well.  

If you are into sexy Philippine teens that love to show off everything they have, then Cherry Girl is the site for you.  

Friday, December 10, 2010

Philippine Porn - Teen Filipina sweety Jinky from Bar to the Bed

Girls like Jinky only last a month or so when they decide to go work in a club.   Within a couple weeks, they usually meet a client, who promises them the world, and they take off with that customer never to be seen again.

Well, that's what seemingly happened to Jinky, as I barfined her one night at a local Cebu KTV club.  She was new to the bar, and a bit shy.  I took the chance, at the urging of the mamasan, a whopping 4000p for the barfine. 

Well it only took about 30 minutes returning to my hotel room with her for her to relax.   She removed her clothes and jumped in the hotel shower, before coming out and sneaking under the covers next to me.   That's the best part of the barfine, when the girl sneaks next to you, and those hot young Filipina breasts and hairy young pussy are rubbing up next to you.   I love that moment.   We fucked two or three times, and I was in heaven.

Jinky ended up being a fantastic girl to barfine, and I almost asked her to be my girlfriend.   Looking at these pics, I can't believe I let her go back to the bar.   She could have been bouncing up and down on my cock the entire time in the Philippines, however, I knew there was tons of hot new Filipino pussy besides hers to discover in the Philippines.  

The next day I took Jinky out to Mactan Island for some swimming at a beach, where she made a perfect girl friend.  I asked her if she would like to take some sexy photos, and she didn't mind.   She was beautiful.  

One week after I shot these photos, I was looking at them on my computer laptop, and decided to go back to the club where I met her.   She was no longer working there.  The mamasan who I talked to said she had met a foreigner, and hadn't come back.   I figured she might have been taken to Boracay or some place exotic by a rich Japanese customer.    Well, my hopes of reuniting with this fantasy Filipina porn new cumer were dashed, but these pictures are a memory of this beautiful Philippine goddess that I will never ever forget.  

I did manage to get her e-mail, and after returning home to the United States, she had e-mailed (lying to me) that she had gone back to her province for a few weeks.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Philippine Porn - Hot Manila Nights - Fate, Leslie and Nikka

Fate, Leslie and Nikka are barfined for one reason
and that is to fuck their sweet young Filipina pussies
raw in hot Group action at Hot Manila Nights
They say the nights are hot in Manila and when you’ve got three fine filipinas in your bed like Fate, Leslie, and Niika munching on your cock and fighting over who gets to bounce next on it, those are definitely the makings of some really Hot Manila Nights.

This is a brand new website just released – brand spanking new and the content is exclusive only to Hot Manila Nights. King Baliwag says the difference between his and other websites is the long length videos (example 77 minutes) and large quantity photo galleries. He also says watching his videos is like buying a porn dvd from a video store they’re that high quality and high definition.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Philippine Porn - Anah at Asian Babe Cams - Hot Philippine Model

Anah is a sexy young Filipina model
who is live weekends only at
Asian Babe Cams
Well, we not only met this girl in the flesh, but had one of our Filipino male models fuck her good on the same bed you see to the left.   Anah is a an ex Filipina Bar Girl who did a number of porn shoots in her hometown of Cebu, Philippines.  She loves the mobile experience and loves to make men get hard and excited on her cam.

Anah is a slender 95 lb model that was working a local Cebu KTV bar.  I barfined her one night, and that was it.  She came back to the hotel room and we fucked like rabbits.   She did every position and loved every bit of the sex. 

Afterwards, she wanted to earn more money, and I hooked her up with a local webcam studio operator in the Philippines.  She liked the idea, and within a week, she was out of the bar, and working live at AsianBabeCams.  

She is one hell of a hot young Filipina cam model, knowing how to please her customers online with erotic sex chat.  She plays with all parts of her body, and doesn't mind being told what to do.   See her live cam show now FOR FREE at Asian Babe Cams.

Philippine Porn - Yvonny - Then and Now - Hot Manila Nights

Yvonny is one of those girls that keeps popping up at the local Angeles City clubs.  You see, you can't resist her small petite Filipina body and her sensual Filipina charm. You end up barfining her,taking her back to your cheap run down Angeles City hotel room, and fucking her until morning. 

On the business side, you have to make a buck so you can stay in AC fucking all the cheap Filipino pussy you want.  So, we take a few pictures and videos of her and put her on our site Hot Manila Nights.    As you can see to the left, a year hasn't done much for this hottie.  She is still the same hot Pinay fuck toy that we met while filming her at the Trike Patrol last September.   She still has an amazing young Pinay body and that shaved incredible Philippine pussy made for sex.

Here is some recent Yvonny porn at Hot Manila Nights.

Philippine Porn - Pleasure Me Asia - Filipino Three Way Lesbian Sex

Three beautiful KTV girls from Manila club
get a chance at some hot lesbian action
at Pleasure Me Asia
 What happens when you travel around Manila, Philippines in search of three beautiful Filipina Teens that will suck and fuck you dry?   I'll tell you, it happens.

Pleasure Me Asia is a new Filipina Sex site featuring exotic Filipina Girls in erotic lesbian and hardcore pussy pounding sex videos.  

The three Filipina babes featured to the left, were picked up at a local Manila KTV club, and agreed to film a three way lesbian sex scene.  These beautiful Pinay girls did not disappoint.  There was, of course, some sensual kissing between the three girls, some great Filipina 69 action and Filipina pussy licking galore.   The only thing this scene lacked was a big white dick pounding all three.  Well, for real, that happened after the three way lesbian show. 

Stop by and check out this new hot Filipina Porn website.  There are plenty of new hardcore scenes available, plus access to three great other asian sites all for around $24.95.