Friday, October 5, 2012

Lapu-Lapu Bargirl Missy Fucked By Pinoy Trike Driver

Missy is a beautiful Cebu, Philippine bargirl with a huge round breasts and a shaved pussy that loves receiving hard cock.   She works at a Lapu-Lapu, Cebu club called the Mermaid Bar, right near the Mactan Island Bridge.  The Lapu Lapu club cators mainly to Japanese and Korean customers, as most of those visitors choose to stay on Mactan Island versus downtown Cebu for their business and pleasure. 

Finding this beauty was easy, as the Trike Patrol owners pulled up outside the club, went in with their Filipino Trike Driver and met her near the front of the club sitting down.   Talking to her was easy, as she was sweet, yet sexy, and had that "I'm up for anything" attitude that most Filipina bargirls have.   It was only a matter of time, that the Trike Patrol owner barfined her, and had his driver bring her back for sex.

The driver, Harold, mentinoed that he had seen her many times before with customers, and always wanted to fuck her.  John Tron, the Trike Patrol owner, let him do it this time.  It just so happens that Harold has a big Filipino cock, and Missy loved every inch of it.   He fucked her good and long, always hard, ramming his cock in her shaved tight pink pussy.   She looked so good laying on her belly, ass up in the air, and hard cock ramming her from behind.

Thanks to the Trike Patrol guys this time, Harold, the Horny Trike driver got his dream fuck.  He not only porked Missy in the hotel room, he came deep inside her pussy.  After all, John didn't want a huge load of cum on the bed, where he would be sleeping that night.